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Kinki/Osaka, Japan, 530-0001

North Ku - The counseling which deals with refusal to attend school and non- attending school. Types Ecommerce

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Musashi Noichi - Guide of NLP seminar. Sale psychology and recognition book acquisition course et cetera of the American NLP association official recognition. Types Ecommerce


East Japanese counseling center

The Sendai city greenery Ku - Counselor training lecture, the counseling acceptance by the telephone. Types Ecommerce


Universal academy

Arao city - The NLP of communication psychology (nervous language programming) it holds lecture. Guide of experience seminar. Types Ecommerce


Urawa education counseling laboratory

Kanto/Saitama, Japan, 330-0063

Occasion cartridge Shiura harmony Ku - Counseling all of education of non- attending school, unkind treatment and study obstacle et cetera. Education counselor qualification unit acquisition lecture. Types Ecommerce


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