High-temperature electronic crane scale

High-temperature electronic crane scale Shanghai YingHeng Weighing Equipment Co.,LTD Model: OCS-G Characteristics: OCS-G high temperature directly show electronic crane scale is ? designed for metallurgical foundry industry those high temperature operating ? environment, using simple, easy to operate, widely used in steel (iron)-water ? casting occasions, welcomed by the metallurgical industry users. Details of the OCS-G: Character height 25mm / 5 ultra bright red LED digital display, the viewing ? distance greater than 20 m. Configure handheld infrared remote control, long- ? distance remote control, peeled, zero and negative scales, Gross / Net switch to ? maintain the value, value accumulated, shutdown, and other functions. Power: 6V/10Ah rechargeable battery used continuously for more than 80 hours. Accuracy: the the GB/T11883-2002 III level. Specifications of weighing: 1t to 15t. Main technical features ? Level of accuracy correspond to OIML Class III Display character height 30mm / 5-bit digital tube The peeled range 100% maximum capacity Stable Time < 10 seconds Overload alarm value the largest weighing +9 e Safe load 150% maximum capacity limit load 400% maximum capacity Continuous use ?80 hours Power hermetically sealed rechargeable battery Charger DC9V1500mA Temperature range -10??1600? Humidity range 20??90%RH Remote control power 5#battery1.5V?2 ? Model maximum capacity Division value?
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